WH Leaker: Trump Wanted to Have Alex Jones on National Security Briefings

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Piper Blackmun

President Donald Trump has an affection for media figures. In fact, he seems to spend more time watching TV than being president. He is so enamored with media figures that he has incorporated many of them into his administration. According to White House insider “Orange Throat,” Trump wanted to have conspiracy theorist Alex Jones sit in on national security briefings.

“We were having a meeting when Trump brought this up,” said Orange Throat in an email to the Business Standard News. “Trump said, he (Jones) has good ideas.” During the presidential campaign, Trump frequently appeared on Jones’ show. Jones has also bragged about getting an invitation to the White House press corps.

Jones is a notorious conspiracy theorist who promotes ridiculous ideas such as the children killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting are secretly living on a Martian space colony and the government is putting chemicals in water to make frogs gay. According to Media Matters, Jones recently said the government was creating animal-human hybrids.

“Folks, I have hundreds of articles I see every week about human-animal chimeras with no rights. You talked about people you know in research labs, I’ve talked to them too. You see humanoids, they’re like 80 percent gorilla, 80 percent pig, and they’re talking,” said Jones on a recent episode of “Info Wars.”

The Trump administration has become notorious for hiring media figures with no real experience to set policy. According to Right Wing Watch, the administration collaborated with right-wing commentator Ann Coulter to write its immigration policy. Coulter has no experience in government and is infamous for making outrageous often racist statements.

“The secret of Trump’s success, she argues, has been ideological. He recognized that ‘Americans,’ by which she mostly means Republicans, ‘are homesick.’ They don’t just oppose immigration because they believe it depresses wages and strains government services. They’re homesick for a whiter America, an America that was once truly free because ‘it’s not in the Anglo-Saxon character either to take orders or to give them.’ (Never mind about slavery,” said Peter Beinart in the Atlantic.

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