Jones: Trump Being Attacked By Obama’s Team of ‘Special Forces Witch Doctors’

Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne (Facebook)

By Vernon Elliott

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has an outlandish explanation for President Donald Trump’s odd behavior.

Trump often appears confused. He has wandered away from sit-downs with world leaders, ignored the presidential limo and fell asleep during at a meeting at the G20 summit. Some media sources say he is suffering from dementia, but Jones thinks he is under spiritual attack.

“I have sources in the CIA that claim (President Barack) Obama amassed the best witch doctors in Kenya, kind of like a team of special forces witch doctors, to cast spells against Trump,” said Jones on his show “InfoWars.”

Apparently, Jones isn’t the only person who believes this. Patheos reported that Florida State Rep. Kim Daniels also called for prayers to protect Trump from witches.

Several media outlets reported that evangelical ministers recently held a prayer session for Trump at the White House.

“Yesterday I was asked by Pastor Paula White-Cain to pray over our 45th President – what a humbling moment standing in the Oval Office – laying hands and praying for our President – Supernatural Wisdom, Guidance and Protection – who could ever even imagine – wow – we are going to see another great spiritual awakening,” said Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne in a post on Facebook.

But not everyone was convinced, according to the Daily Mail.

“Lord help us all. How anyone sees Trump as the savior of the evangelicals is beyond me. Doesn’t have a Christian bone in his body. Doesn’t attend church. Multiple divorces. Adultery. Literally about every single commandment he’s broken. We’re all sinners, but c’mon, the evangelical right is choosing this guy to lead their ‘spiritual awakening’?” said Kenneth Averell.

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