Robertson: College Turns Men into ‘Transgenders’ Who Believe in Evolution, Global Warming

Donald Trump and Pat Robertson (YouTube)

By Hamish Balfour

Pat Robertson has come out in support of a poll that showed the majority of Republicans dislike colleges. A Pew research poll showed 58 percent of Republicans viewed college in a negative light.

“I completely agree with the results of the poll,” said Robertson on “The 700 Club.” “You can’t trust those liberal colleges to educate your kids. You send your son to a liberal college and he’ll come back as a transgender, who believes satanic lies like evolution and global warming.”

The Daily Beast recently published a long list of Robertson’s past crimes such as doing business with African tyrants and blaming gays for 9/11. Robertson recently conducted a soft-ball interview with President Donald Trump, who accused Barack Obama of colluding with Russia.

Robertson also recommended parents send their children to Christian schools like Regents University (which he owns) and Liberty University.

Media Matters said right-wing animosity towards higher education has been building for a while.

“According to Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, colleges are ‘literally corrupting people’s minds’ and ‘turning them into jihadists.’ Meanwhile, Fox News contributor Bernie Goldberg equated ‘liberals on college campuses’ to the Nazi Brown Shirts,’” said Media Matters writer Brett Robertson. “Then-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly blamed Black Lives Matter for ‘the rise of fascism on American college campuses.”

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  • You can also send your child to a Christian school, thinking they are protected from your definition os soon. As your child matures sexually (as all young people do, especially during their growth years between the ages of 17 to 21), some men & women realize that they were born attached to the same sex.

    These Christian Colleges offer little to no real help for these so called sinfull children, except to shame them, out them to their families, and most Christian Colleges immediately expel the student. This begins a life of shame, initiated by the alleged loving Christians who run these Christian Colleges, whereas the strident begins to realize Christian leaders are hypocrites. Many of these same leaders that judged these students live a life full of sin, but for some reason their life of adultery, stealing money form the poor in three name os Jesus, or their secret affairs outside of their marriage are no where as horrific add the alleged sin old love, a man loving another man or a woman who loves another woman.

    The poor child who during this same time period realizes that they have a genetically misaligned gender assignment, if outed to the Christian College is teared the same. As a young person seeking council from alleged loving Christian College faculty, instead of receiving real life, helpful, clinical help, that same student is typically expelled from the College in shame.

    Christians, where is your love? What is being done to theses gay, lesbian and transgender students compares to the treatment of homosexuals and Jewish people during the Holocaust. When these Colleges learn of these gay, lesbian and transgender students instead of offering real help, in almost every case the College Leadership is instructed to remove the student. In ever case, the process always follows a path of shame, humiliation, hurt, and instills shame in the hearts and minds of these beautiful souls.

    Many of these same gay, lesbian and transgender students move on and graduate College, receiving their diploma from another institution. They become strong business leaders, they own successful companies, and all of them live a life where equality and genuine love becomes their primary core values.

    Some students never overcome the shame indicted on them and commit suicide. Almost all LGBT students who attended these Colleges end up receiving psychological treatment throughout their lives. Almost all LGBT students who attended these Colleges, after either being hated and expelled or watch their friends being subjected to this hate-based judgemental expulsion techniques, their lives are forever scarred. These same LGBT students, many realize that Christians are hypocrites, and they reject Christianity as their faith. (Way to go, Christian Colleges….I wonder if Jesus would judge, shame and expelled these same beautiful people?)

    You may ask, how does this person know so much? As a former student and graduate of a well known Christian College, I have seen the harm done to so many beautiful people. I am friends with thousands of current LGBT students, and former students who attended these Christian Colleges. My journey attending my Christian College was different as I was never outed, but I was questioned by my College RA two weeks before graduation, and I felt forced to lie (I was not fortunate to have my education pre paid by my parents and I had worked hard to pay my own tuition). I have no regrets for lying, as I had learned from my Christian leaders how to lie and twisty the truth. (As my Christian leaders taught students, It’s not a lie if they force you).

    I live each day feeling the hurt and betrayal of each LGBT student. It’s been almost 40 years since I graduated, and for 20 years I turned my back to God. How could a God so loving allow this to happen? Twenty years ago, during a horrific attempt on my part to end my life, I saw and heard an Angel. The Angel spoke to me and said that God made me, in His image, I was perfect and loved by God. I was created, as a gay man, beautiful and unique, and if I allowed God to be first in my life, I would always be loved.

    From that day forward I have loved a God-centric life. My life is blessed each day, every minute of the day. I have a wonderful, loving partner, I have a successful, professional career, and our relationship places God first. Rob, my partner of many years, start and end each day in prayer. We allow God’s Holy Spirit to fill us and guide our daily lives… And we walk in faith, Grace, joy and God’s love. We are a living walking example of a God blessed, God loving, Spirit filled, same sex relationship (soon to be married, Praise God)!

    One of my many blessings in life is ministering, one on one, to current and former LGBT Christian College Students. Even 40 years later these students are still being hated, judged and pushed away from Christianity and many Evangelical Churches. My message to them is always the same, despite the rejection they have received from alleged loving Christian College faculty, God loves them. These same LGBT students are each unique and beautiful. If they pray and understand the original context of the Scripture, God will open their eyes and hearts and as they place God first in their daily lives, God promises to bless, love, protect and provide for them. It’s been an amazing mission, watching these hurt students come back to God.

    What is your intent? I ask this question to every Evangelical Leader. God calls each of us to come to Him, just as we are. By belittling people, judging people and pushing people away from Christianity and God’s love, is that your intent? Wake up, I will tell you that God’s love is for every man woman and child. If your ministry is intent on judging people and keep people away from God… Well you are doing great.

    I speak for many LGBT students, former Christian College Students when I tell you that despite your hate and judgement, we forgive you and we pray for you. Love all people, as God loves all His Children… If you do this without judgement, then God in Heaven will be pleased.

    All praise and g glory to Christ Jesus. AMEN AND AMEN!