OPP Survey Shows Republicans Favor Putin over Obama

Vladimir Putin (YouTube)

By Beverly Gates

A recent survey by Occidental Public Polling (OPP) shows that the majority of Republicans favor Russian President Vladimir Putin over former President Barack Obama.

An OPP survey stated that 68 percent of Republicans had a favorable view of Putin. Only 25 percent of Republicans had a favorable view of Obama.

The OPP survey also asked for comments. Rob Fields, a Republican voter from Dallas, Texas, said, “At least Putin’s a Christian and white, you can’t say that for Obama.”

Marjorie Wallis, a Republican from Des Moines, Iowa, said “Putin’s banned gay marriage and is pro gun, what’s not to like?”

A recent NBC survey stated that almost 50 percent of Republicans see Russia as an ally.

However, Putin is an autocrat who rules his country with an iron fist. Putin critics have a nasty habit of turning up dead. Pussy Riot, a Russian rock group, received a two-year jail sentence, after they released a song critical of Putin. Several news reports have said that Russia was behind a massive cyber operation that helped Donald Trump win the presidency. Russian hackers have also tried to penetrate American power plants.

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