National White Alliance Says ‘Apes’ Movie Demonizes White Men

A scene from War for the Planet of Apes (20th Century FOX)

By Johnny Dexter

The National White Alliance, an alt-right organization, has criticized the box office hit “War for the Planet of Apes.”

Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance, accused the movie of demonizing white men.

“The movie is liberal Hollywood propaganda,” said Blanc in a press release. “The heroes are the dark-skinned apes, while the white man is portrayed as the bad guy. I didn’t see any black characters in the movie who were negatively portrayed.”

Even though science fiction is a genre known for pushing boundaries, some fans are proving to be pretty conservative. “Star Trek: Discovery,” the latest installment of the long-running “Star Trek” franchise, has been criticized by some fans for featuring a black woman as the lead.

And according to Raw Story, some Twitter users are upset that the new Dr. Who will be actress Jodie Whittaker. Members of the alt-right have also weighed in.

However, they were mocked by other Twitter users.

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