Bakker: Hollywood is a Gateway to Hell

Jim Bakker (Twitter)

By Rondell Pettus

Televangelist Jim Bakker has urged Christians to turn away from “sinful Hollywood products.”

“Hollywood produces filth that will only lead you away from God,” said Bakker on his television show. “Hollywood films and TV shows are a gateway to hell.”

The Religious Right seems to be in ascendancy under President Donald Trump. Eighty percent of white Evangelical Christians backed Trump, who has appeared in Playboy, has a porn star wife and owned casinos.

Some Evangelicals have declared war against Teen Vogue because it published a sex guide, which included advice about anal sex.

Elizabeth Johnston, a blogger known as the Activist Mommy, recently burned a copy of Teen Vogue and urged parents to shun the magazine. The video of the magazine burning was viewed more than 2 million times, according to Patheos.

“Teen Vogue is garbage. The editors minds are in the garbage. The author’s minds are in the garbage. Don’t let your kids read garbage,” said Johnston.

According to the Christian Post, Christian radio show host Eric Metaxas was even more incensed.

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