WH Leaker: Secret Service Once Thought Steve Bannon Was A Wino

Steve Bannon (Twitter)

By Alan Gordon
The Business Standard News has received a new revelation about the Trump administration from White House leaker, “Orange Throat.”

According to an email from “Orange Throat,” the Secret Service often had trouble recognizing senior advisor Steve Bannon. Although Bannon is a millionaire and former Wall Street banker, he is infamous for appearing unshaven and disheveled.

“During the campaign, a couple of times the Secret Service wouldn’t let him into see Donald Trump because they thought he was a wino,” said “Orange Throat.”

Bannon formerly headed up far-right website Breitbart, which seems to have overtaken FOX News as the main source of information for right-wingers, according to the Columbia Journalism Review (CJR.) However, that news is not always accurate.

“Rather than ‘fake news’ in the sense of wholly fabricated falsities, many of the most-shared stories can more accurately be understood as disinformation: the purposeful construction of true or partly true bits of information into a message that is, at its core, misleading,” CJR said.

Breitbart regularly runs stories warning of dark-skinned Muslims invading Europe. It also has a section titled “Black Crime.”

According to the CJR, Trump supporters were more likely to share news from Breitbart, InfoWars and the Gateway Pundit. Both InfoWars and Gateway Pundit are infamous for running conspiracy theory-type stories. Alex Jones, founder of InfoWars, believes that 9/11 was a government conspiracy and the children killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting are secretly living on a Martian penal colony.

According to Media Matters, Lucian Wintrich, the Gateway Pundit’s White House correspondent, has little journalism experience and describes his work as “performance art.”

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