Evangelicals Want Trump to Ban Gays, Muslims From Military

Franklin Graham

By Piper Blackmun

To most of America Donald Trump’s presidency might seem like a waking nightmare, but not Evangelicals.

Trump, a thrice-married former casino owner, somehow got 80 percent of the white Evangelical Christian vote. And they seem to be pleased with his performance so far.

“I love the transgender ban,” said evangelist Franklin Graham. “I hope he bans Muslims from serving next. It doesn’t make sense to have adherents of the religion were fighting in our military.”

Graham has called Islam a “violent religion” and advocated banning immigration from Muslim countries.

Other Evangelicals are also singing Trump’s praises. Former Rep. Michele Bachmann recently said “God was working through Trump.”

Right Wing Watch also stated that conservative pundit Matt Barber wanted Trump to bar gays from the military.

“Prohibit all open sexual deviancy in the ranks of the armed forces,” said Barber.

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  • Var miller

    *jesus displayed love for all kinds of people ? How can you speak with such hate and pertend to follow Jesus.