National White Alliance: Muslim Ban Will Reduce Domestic Terrorism

Donald Trump

By Blake Edmunds

The National White Alliance, an alt-right group, has praised President Donald Trump’s efforts to curb terrorism.

“The Muslim ban will do a lot to stop domestic terrorism,” said National White Alliance President Brian Blanc in an interview with the Patriot Media Sentinel. “As FOX News’ Brian Kilmeade said, ‘Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.’”

Blanc’s erroneous views are shared by Sebastian Gorka, a Trump advisor on national security. During an interview with MSNBC, Gorka dismissed the idea of white males committing domestic terrorism. (Gorka has been called a “snake oil peddler” by his parent’s homeland Hungary and failed to qualify for a national security clearance. He also has little actual experience in terrorism and has a doctorate from a questionable university.)

“There’s never been a serious attack or a serious plot that was unconnected from ISIS or al-Qaeda, at least through the ideology and TTPs, tactics and training and techniques and procedures, that they supply through the internet — never happened, it’s bogus,” said Gorka.

However, a Mediate column by Dean Obeidallah listed several acts of domestic terrorism carried out by white men such as Dylann Roof who killed nine black churchgoers in South Carolina in 2015.


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