National White Alliance Says Idris Elba is Leading Cause of ‘White Genocide’

Idris Elba in “The Dark Tower.”

By Alan Gordon

Alt-right group the National White Alliance has labeled actor Idris Elba as one of the leading causes of white genocide.

Apparently, the organization is angry that Elba is currently starring in “The Dark Tower,” a movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel. In the novel, Elba’s character was white.

“Liberal Hollywood seems to determined to erase white men from the face of the Earth and Elba is one of the main culprits,” said National White Alliance President Brian Blanc in a press release. “First he was suggested as a replacement for James Bond, now he replaces a white character in a Stephen King book.”

Blanc was also angry that Elba was being “falsely promoted” as a sex symbol.

“The Jews who control Hollywood are trying to make dating black men attractive to reduce the number of white babies,” said Blanc.

“White genocide” is a favorite term used by white nationalists worried about the browning of America and white people becoming a minority. President Donald Trump’s new policy of trying to cut immigration in half and favoring English-speaking newcomers seems to be designed to appeal to his base’s fear of the changing face of America.

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