Hack Reveals White Supremacist Liked Diapers, Looked For Black Wet Nurse

Christopher Cantwell (YouTube)

By Alan Gordon

Anonymous is continuing its brutal war against the newly-resurgent American neo-Nazi movement, also known as the alt-right. The latest target is Christopher Cantwell, a white supremacist who was prominently featured in VICE’s documentary on Charlottesville, Va.

Cantwell, who was shown brandishing guns and making anti-Semitic comments, was later featured in a YouTube video blubbering about how scared he was to go to jail.

A new hack by Anonymous seems to offer an insight into Cantwell’s personality. Anonymous hackers revealed messages from FetLife, a social networking site for people into alternative sexual practices. Apparently, Cantwell was a member of several groups for people into infantilism. (This is the desire to be treated like a baby.)

Cantwell posted a message to an Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL) group saying he was looking for a “big, black mammy to be his wet nurse” and “change him regularly.”

Apparently, Cantwell’s fetish is not unusual. The Huffington Post featured an interview with John-Michael Williams, owner of Tykables, one of the nation’s few stores that cater to people who are into infantilism.

“From a fetish or sexual standpoint, it’s pretty self-explanatory,” said Williams. “They are aroused sexually, either through role play or from the product itself — the sound, texture or feeling. Or, for some people, there’s a humiliation aspect. It could be any one of those things, or something else I haven’t mentioned. It’s a really individual thing.”

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