Poll Names Herman Cain ‘Coon of the Year’

Herman Cain

By Rondell Pettus

After former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain declared himself a “house slave,” an Occidental Public Polling (OPP) survey has named him a frontrunner for Coon of the Year.

The survey polled 500 African Americans on public figures who they deemed embarrassments to the black community. Cain got 80 percent of the vote. Other people on the list included perennial favorite Stacey Dash, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Dr. Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD,) and Trump boosters Diamond and Silk.

Don Washington, a resident of Dallas, Texas, said Cain’s recent comments mean he’s the likely winner.

“I would pretty much say he’s got it wrapped up at this stage,” said Washington. “You can’t top that.”

“Cain’s statement has done as much damage to the black community as ‘Soul Plane,'” said Paul Green of Washington, D.C. in an email.

Cain declared himself a “house slave” in support of Carson, who has frequently been given that moniker.

“Since the Michigan Chronicle, a historically black Detroit-based newspaper, thinks Dr. Ben Carson is a ‘house Negro,’ then I must be one also,” said Cain in an article posted on his website.

Carson, a trained neurosurgeon, first declared he was not qualified to serve in government, then reversed and took a position as head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, even though he has no experience in that area.

According to a story in the Atlantic, Carson’s management of HUD is a disaster. Longtime staffers have quit and Carson has installed family members in high-ranking positions.

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