Trump Wants to Hire Stacey Dash to Do Outreach to Black Community

Stacey Dash (Media Matters)

By Mary Washington

Former Hollywood actress and conservative pundit Stacey Dash is rumored to be in consideration for a role in the Trump White House.

White House insiders say President Donald Trump is considering her for a role in his communication team. Dash will be tasked with media work in the African-American community.

According to White House insiders, Trump seems to be taken with Dash’s media performances.

“He thinks she’s attractive,” said White House leaker “Orange Throat.”

Dash hasn’t appeared regularly on television since she was let go by FOX News. On FOX, her main role was to defend racism and bash President Barack Obama.

However, Dash is still stoking controversy. She recently retweeted a message calling Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif,) a “corrupt media buffoon.” Waters has said she wants to see Trump impeached.

Dash later blamed an intern for the tweet.

However, Twitter users didn’t believe her:

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