Pastor Claims Floods Are Punishment for Obama’s Gay-Friendly Policies

James David Manning

By Alan Gordon

Controversial preacher David James Manning says the record floods currently ravaging Houston, Texas are divine punishment for President Barack Obama’s administration.

“During the Obama years, he let loose demonic, homosexual spirits throughout the White House and the nation,” said Manning in an interview with the Patriot Media Sentinel. “God’s still mad about that and we are paying a price. When have you last seen flooding like this?”

Manning is known for his controversial statements made during his YouTube sermons. He once called Obama’s father “a long-legged mack daddy,” and claimed black people were cursed and could never do anything right. He also said Egypt wasn’t in Africa.

In spite of his ridiculous comments, he was regularly invited on FOX News to bash Obama.

However, several other Evangelical Christians share Manning’s views on gays.

According to Right Wing Watch, Pastor Frank Amedia claimed God was still angry about the White House being bathed in the LGBTQ rainbow colors.

“I went berserk when they bathed the White House in the colors of the rainbow a couple of years back,” said Amedia, “because I saw how angry and hurt our Lord was from the heavenlies. You thought the Tower of Babel hurt him? Can you imagine seeing that lit up from the heavenlies? They could see it in satellites and in the orbiting space capsule, they saw it in the laboratory. They saw it lit up.”

Amedia also once claimed that his prayers stopped a tsunami.

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