FOX Insider Calls Tomi Lahren ‘New Spank Material for Old Racists’

Tomi Lahren (Gage Skidmore)

By Michael Hoult
Right-wing commentator Tomi Lahren who became famous for her racially incendiary and factually inaccurate videos on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze has found a new home on FOX News. According to Media Matters, Lahren, who is nicknamed “White Power Barbie,” once referred to Black Lives Matter as the “new KKK.”

Several media stories reported that Lahren, who was terminated by The Blaze for stating she was pro-choice, has been hired to provide commentary for Sean Hannity’s show.

However, “Chip,” a FOX News insider, says that Lahren was hired more for her looks than her media skills.

“She’s blonde, cute and not too bright,” said Chip in an email. “She’ll read whatever we put in front of her and provide new spank material for our audience of horny, old white men. It’s not a difficult gig.”

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