Nugent: Trump Can’t Be Racist Because of Black Friends, Stacey Dash, Ben Carson

Ted Nugent (YouTube)

By Blake Edmunds

Rock star-turned-conservative pundit Ted Nugent has defended President Donald Trump who has been accused of failing to condemn Neo-Nazis after the Charlottesville terrorist attack.

“Trump can’t be racist, he has lots of black friends,” said Nugent in an interview with the Patriot Media Sentinel. “He also has black supporters like Dr. Ben Carson and Stacey Dash. That’s just the liberal fake news media trying to smear his name.”

Nugent has also faced charges of racism. He once called President Barack Obama a “mongrel” and suggested undocumented immigrants should be hunted.

But other right-wingers have defended Trump’s racism charges.

According to the Christian Post, Evangelical preacher Samuel Rodriguez said Trump’s wife Melania, means he can’t be racist. The first lady was born in Slovenia.

“No. The answer is no. President Trump is not a white supremacist. I mean, he’s married to an immigrant,” said Rodriguez. “Intellectually speaking, from a logical continuum, you can’t have a child who is from an immigrant mother and be anti-immigrant.”

However, Trump’s neo-Nazi followers say they have no problem with immigrants like Melania Trump, because they come from “white countries.

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