Creflo Dollar: God Wants Me to Have a Self-Driving Car

By Beverly Gates

Prosperity gospel preacher Creflo Dollar has asked his followers to help fund the purchase of a $70,000 Tesla Model S, which has the autonomous driver function.

According to an email leaked to the Business Standard News, Dollar sent a message to his congregation asking for help with the purchase.

“God came to me in a dream and told me he wanted me to the first person of the faith community to take advantage of this technology,” said Dollar. “With this technology, I will be able to focus more time on prayer and writing my sermons.”

A few years ago, Dollar hit the headlines when he requested his congregation buy him a new private jet valued at $65 million. The congregation of his church, World Changers Church International, agreed to the purchase.

Prosperity preachers are currently getting bad PR. Joel Osteen faced a social media firestorm for not opening his more than 50,000-seat church to victims of the Houston floods. Osten first said the church was closed because of flooding, but eyewitnesses did not report any flooding at the church. Osteen finally relented and allowed flood victims refuge.

Osteen, who lives in a $10 million house, later made the rounds on network TV to do damage control.

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