Jones: BLM Tried to Smuggle Rocket Launchers During Hurricane Katrina

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Jose Echeverria

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has joined other right wingers in their attempts to smear Black Lives Matter.

According to Jones, Black Lives Matter were involved with gun running during Hurricane Katrina.

“I have sources in the intelligence and law enforcement fields that tell me that Black Lives Matter activists were arrested tried to smuggle rocket launchers and guns into New Orleans,” said Jones on his show “InfoWars.” “They were probably the ones who taking pot shots at the police.”

Jones fails to realize that Black Lives Matter sprang up after the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. (Brown was killed in 2014.) Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005.

But Jones isn’t the only conservative who believed a smear about Black Lives Matter. According to BuzzFeed, Mr. Conservative and Conservative Post, two right-wing sites, both featured a story claiming Black Lives Matter activists blocked emergency workers trying get into flood-hit Houston.

However, the picture turned out to be BLM activists stopping traffic in Boston, Mass. in 2015.

“Meanwhile, the reality is that Black Lives Matter Houston has been active in relief efforts by collecting food for shelters, gathering school supplies for kids who start classes soon, and bringing food and supplies to families and individuals,” said the BuzzFeed article.

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