Conservative Website Claims Trump Used Personal Jet to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Trump Force One (Michael Rivera)

By Blake Edmunds

Some right-wing websites are trying to spin President Donald Trump’s latest PR nightmare into a positive story. Trump was blasted for first showing up in Houston and not even meeting one flood victim. He also wore merchandised clothing that was for sale on his website. The backlash was so bad, he had to return and make a show of handing out meals.

However, right-wing site Gateway Pundit said Trump flew on his personal plane to Houston, the day after the floods hit. He also allegedly delivered supplies.

“Our brave president flew down to help Hurricane Harvey victims the day after the disaster,” said an article on Gateway Pundit, “But the liberal, fake media doesn’t want to tell that story.”

Gateway Pundit is a site that was created to “expose the wickedness of the left.” After the election, it ran an article claiming “Hillary Clinton looked like death” and had been “crying her eyes out.” It has a history of inaccurate reporting.

This isn’t the only fake news story about Trump and Hurricane Harvey.

Snopes has debunked a photo showing Trump reaching out to pull flood victims into a boat. However, the photo is a doctored version of a picture of Austin rescue workers.

Trump supporters seem desperate to deflect blame from his incompetence. Some Trump fans also claimed President Barack Obama was golfing during Hurricane Katrina. However, in 2005, when Katrina occurred, Obama was just a senator.

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