World Net Daily: Black Rape Gangs Targeting White Women During Hurricanes

Rescue efforts in Houston. (U.S. Army)

By Rondell Pettus

Far-right website World Net Daily is promoting the idea that black gangs are heading to Florida and Texas to commit crimes under the cover of the chaos created by the hurricanes.

“Black Lives Matter is partnering with other terrorist groups such as MS-13 and the Black Panthers to head down to the flooded areas,” said a World Net Daily story. “They are planning to go undercover as rescue workers, but instead use it as an excuse to rape white women. Readers are advised to watch over their daughters and wives.”

However, other right-wing sources have also spread false and racist stories about the hurricanes.

Media Matters said that Alex Jones and FOX News host Tucker Carlson both shared stories about black gangs looting in Houston. These stories were later debunked by conspiracy-busting site Snopes.

“What we found when we looked at the tweets carefully, however, was that all of them were fake, originating from troll accounts set up under assumed identities. None of the photos depict anything that actually took place in Houston, much less in 2017,” said Snopes.

Right-wing sites also falsely claimed that Black Lives Matter blocked rescuers in Houston and shared a picture that was actually of BLM stopping traffic in Boston, Mass in 2015.

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