Trump Wants His Limo To Be Bigger Than Obama’s

Presidential limo (Wikipedia)

By Blake Edmunds

President Donald Trump seems to have an obsession with size. During the presidential campaign he bragged about the size of his hands and manhood. And he also claimed his inauguration crowds were bigger that President Barack Obama. He also griped about the size of his plane.

“The president, though, had one gripe, after his visit from the emir of Kuwait on Thursday afternoon. He was very impressed by the emir’s plane but noted that it was longer than his — maybe even by 100 feet,” according to Politico.

That hasn’t gone away, according to White House leaker “Orange Throat.” The Business Standard News received an email that claimed Trump wanted to increase the length of “The Beast,” the presidential limo.

“Trump is obsessed with trying to do everything better than Obama,” said Orange Throat. “He wanted to make the Beast a few inches longer so he could say his was bigger than Obama’s.”

Several White House staffer have admitted the only reason they stay is to stop Trump from carrying out in even crazier plans.

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