Peterson Defends Trump, Claims Policies Will Benefit Black Americans

Jesse Lee Peterson (Facebook)

By Blake Edmunds

Black conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has leaped to the defense of President Donald Trump who was accused of being a white supremacist by ESPN anchor Jemele Hill. Hill has been admonished by her network, although ESPN public editor Jim Brady later said there may be some evidence to back her point.

“I didn’t weigh in because, despite the protests of many, I still believe this is an opinion and not a fact. Respect those who disagree,” said Brady in a Twitter message. “Investigate the claim of whether Donald Trump is a ‘white supremacist’? I think he’s done a lot to make a case against himself.”

However, Peterson said Trump could be good for Black Americans.

“Trump will unite the country, which was divided under Obama,” said Peterson on his radio show. “He’s already trying to improve the black unemployment rate by deporting illegal immigrants, such as the so-called Dreamers, and creating more job opportunities.”

Even though Trump rode into the White House by stoking fears against Muslims and Mexicans and had white supremacists such as Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller in the White House, conservatives still don’t believe Trump panders to racists.

Game show host Ben Stein recently called Trump “the least racist president ever.”

However, David Cay Johnston, who has written a biography of Trump, refuted this fact during an appearance on MSNBC’s “AM Joy.”

“He is a racist,” said Johnston. “He’s been the subject of judicial administrative hearings about this. He’s made awful comments over the years … He is the embodiment of being a racist just as Miss Huckabee Sanders’ comments the other day are the embodiment of censorship and should have upset every single American who has even a modest amount of respect for our Constitution.”

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