World Net Daily Claims Jimmy Kimmel is A ‘Secret Muslim’

Jimmy Kimmel (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel has drawn the ire of right-wing commentators and politicians for his decision to oppose the Republicans plan to repeal Obamacare. Kimmel became an advocate for healthcare reform after his son was born with a heart defect and he saw the flaws in the healthcare system.

Kimmel has publicly feuded with Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy who accused him of not understanding the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill.

Other Republicans have declared war on him. Right-wing conspiracy theorist Frank Gaffney said Kimmel might be a “secret Muslim.”

“The fact that he virulently supports Obamacare and has grown a beard indicates that he sympathizes with Muslims, like Barack Obama,” said Gaffney in an article in World Net Daily.

Gaffney spent the last eight years spreading the idea that former President Obama was a Muslim. He also claimed that Muslim sleeper agents had infiltrated the highest level of government. Gaffney said Republican strategist and tax reform advocate Grover Norquist was also a secret Muslim and the Missile Defense Agency’s logo contained a hidden Muslim sign.

However, other Republicans have also targeted their rage at Kimmel, according to Media Matters.

National Review writer Michelle Malkin called Kimmel a “Hollywood elite” who didn’t know what he was talking about.

And of course, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones pushed things even further. He accused Kimmel of “pimping his kid” and pushing a globalist agenda.

“Did your wife take the vaccines? Been slurping that tap water? Why don’t you find out why this is happening? Why don’t you actually save other kids instead of using your kid to bring in socialism and globalist control for big fat-cat corporations that want to make us buy overpriced health care? How about that?” said Jones on his show “InfoWars.”

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