NBC Insider: Execs Blundered By Hiring ‘White Supremacist Pin-up’ Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly (YouTube)

By Breanna Marcos

Media insiders are snickering at former FOX anchor Megyn Kelly’s rocky start to her NBC career. Kelly’s Sunday show was met with low-ratings and negative publicity after she gave conspiracy theorist Alex Jones a national platform.

A CNN article also casts doubt on the potential success of her daytime show. Kelly will take over an hour of the “Today” show. The network also fired popular black anchor Tamron Hall to make room for Kelly.

“And it may not help Megyn Kelly that the demographics of morning television skew so disproportionately towards minority women viewers. African-American women make up over 20 percent of the morning female audience, with Hispanic women over 12 percent,” said Bill Carter. “But some moments from her previous work may have lingering after-effects among minority viewers–such as her discordantly insistent contention on one Fox show that Santa Claus ‘is what he is–which is white.'”

Kelly built her reputation on the thinly-veiled racism of FOX News, where she did stories on Santa and Jesus being white and claimed President Barack Obama gave a bye to the black hate group the New Black Panthers.

A NBC insider contacted the Business Standard News by email mocking network executives’ decision to hire Kelly on a $17 million a year contract.

“Megyn Kelly is a white supremacist pin-up,” said “Brad,” a NBC insider, who chose to remain anonymous. “What kind of audience does she bring with her from FOX? Old, racist white men, the only thing they buy is white sheets and Viagra. That’s not the audience NBC wants to attract.”

Carter agreed.

“The chief of those: appeal to women. In the morning hours, especially on network TV, ratings success among women is the whole game. On Fox, Kelly thrived with an audience dominated by older men,” said Carter.

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