Bakker: God Approves of Trump’s Plan to Kill Millions of N. Koreans

Jim Bakker

By Alan Gordon

President Donald Trump’s strange bedfellows Evangelical Christians seem to have no problem with his genocidal plans for North Korea. During a horrifying speech at the United Nations last week Trump threatened to destroy the entire nation of North Korea, a country which has a 25 million population. Trump seems to forget that North Korea is less than an hour away from Seoul, the South Korean capital, which also houses thousands of United States troops. Military experts estimate that an attack on North Korea would lead to 100,000 casualties in this first 30 days.

But Evangelicals don’t seem to have a problem with that. Survivalist and televangelist Jim Bakker said God had okayed war with North Korea.

“Trump is God’s hand in the White House and so he approves of anything he does,” said Bakker in an appearance on his television show. “And anyway, North Koreans are atheists so they have already turned their back on the Lord.”

According to Patheos, Franklin Graham, son of preacher Billy Graham, also approved of Trump’s “death to North Korea” speech.

“Thank God we have a president who stands for truth and is not afraid to speak truth to the whole world,” said Graham in a Facebook post. “President Donald J. Trump’s address today to the United Nations General Assembly may have been one of the best speeches ever given to that body. It made you proud to be an American. I hope you will join me in praying for this man, that God will guide and direct him.”

Progressive Christian Benjamin L. Corey was horrified by some Evangelicals disregard for Christian teachings and human life.

“But for one of the most prominent Christians in our nation to reference a speech that threatened to kill 25 million people as one of the ‘best speeches ever’?” said Corey. “And more than that, to publicly thank God that we have a leader who would threaten to do it. It’s beyond rational explanation. This isn’t Christianity. This isn’t a Christian position. There isn’t a Christian on the planet who could praise a speech that included the threat to kill millions of innocent people, without ceasing to be a Christian in the process.”

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