Peterson Sides With Trump on NFL, Calls For ‘White Appreciation Day’

Jesse Lee Peterson (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

Black conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has sided with President Donald Trump in his war with black NFL players who kneeled in protest of police violence.

“The president is right,” said Peterson on his show. “Those players should be thanking their stars they were born in America and have the ability to make millions of dollars for playing a game.”

Peterson also went on to say that the black community is generally ungrateful for all the benefits of living in America.

“Look at all the benefits we got from being brought over from Africa,” said Peterson. “We were introduced to Christianity and we got an education. We really ought to have a White Appreciation Day to thank white people for all the good things they’ve done for us.”

Peterson also called the NFL protests “evil” and said they could turn public opinion against black people.

“It is evil and it is too bad for black people,” he said. “You’re hurting yourself and your image. Nobody likes you anymore. People don’t like black people anymore because of this crap. They never stand up for good, they always stand for evil.”

Peterson’s comments fall in line with other conservative commentators on FOX News.

According to Media Matters, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson was incensed that black NFL players weren’t happy to be simply making money.

“Now, the sight of pampered millionaires giving the rhetorical finger to the country that made them rich is obviously disgusting, so it’s no surprise that in stadiums across America, fans booed when they saw this,” said Carlson on FOX News.

A recent Mediate article accused Carlson of having “white nationalist tendencies.” Media Matters says Carlson regularly hosts white supremacist on his show.

“Look, it isn’t a secret that white supremacists appreciate Tucker Carlson. Back in July, Vox’s Carlos Maza highlighted how racists and well-known white nationalists expressed their love for Tucker while noting the way Carlson reported on certain racial, social and immigration issues,” said Justin Baragona.

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