Jones Claims Aliens Are Behind NFL Protests, Limbaugh Blames ‘Leftists’

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Vernon Elliott

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has come to the defense of President Donald Trump in his battle with NFL players who are kneeling during the national anthem to protest police violence.

Filmmaker Michael Moore claimed Trump started his public battle with NFL players, where he referred to Colin Kaepernick as a “son of a bitch,” to distract attention away from his disastrous handling of the Puerto Rico hurricane. But Jones has blamed the reptilian aliens.

“Sources at the top intelligence agencies have told me that reptilian shape shifters have been trying to make Trump look bad by stirring up trouble with the NFL players,” said Jones on his show “InfoWars.” “The reptilians have also convinced black players that the police are out to get them, that’s not true.”

But Jones isn’t the only person who sees a sinister plot behind the NFL protests. Radio show host Rush Limbaugh blamed the protest on “leftists.” In an interview with FOX News’ Sean Hannity, Limbaugh claimed the protests are a leftist plot to undermine masculinity.

“I do believe that the left wants to cause great damage to the NFL,” said Limbaugh. “What does the NFL stand for? Masculinity, strength, toughness. So, what are they doing to it? You go to college campuses now and you’ll find classes on how to take masculinity out of men. It’s actually happening. There are studies and courses in college that do this. It’s patriotic, you’ve got the flag, you’ve got the anthem, you’ve got uniformed military personnel, all the things that the left wants to erase from this country.”

He added, “They don’t like displays of patriotism, strength, rugged individualism, and that’s why the players are being used here. They think it’s about police brutality, they think it’s about righting social wrongs, and so forth. This is an attack on the NFL as an institution for shaking it down and lowering its profile and impact on American culture. We’re in the midst of a culture war. Everybody knows it.”

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