Neo-Nazi Site Claims Vegas Shooter’s GF Used Sex To Convert Him to Islam

Marylou Danley (Facebook)

By Michael Houltt

Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock is a white male, which means the right-wing media has a hard time trying to spin his gun crime. Paddock doesn’t fit into a box of their usual bogeymen, people of color, immigrants and Muslims.

But some right-wing sites are furiously trying to claim the attack was tied to Islamic terrorism. Neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer implied Paddock was driven to commit the crime by his Asian girlfriend Marylou Danley.

“Danley is a Filipino, she probably used her feminine wiles to get Paddock to convert to Islam and commit mass murder,” according to a Daily Stormer article. “The Philippines has a problem with Islamic terrorism.”

Other right-wing media outlets also tried to pin the attack on ISIS, who claimed responsibility. However, ISIS’ claim was dismissed by intelligence sources. Also, Paddock showed no signs of being a Muslim and was described as a “conservative” gun enthusiast by an associate, according to the Guardian.

Media Matters said FOX News has dedicated several hours to conspiracy theories about the shooting. Sean Hannity claimed there was another mystery woman who aided the shooter, while Laura Ingraham claimed the room looked like it was staged.

“The photos selectively leaked from the crime scene, where — and you look at the cover of The New York Times today, boy it really — they’re perfectly laid down. it looks — I mean it does look like a scene from a Law & Order or something, don’t you think?” said Ingraham.

According to conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh the left was trying to suppress the ISIS link.

“So ISIS has it’s own news agency because they don’t trust the American drive-bys to get it right. And you know why that is? Why do you think — why do you think ISIS doesn’t trust the American drive-bys? No. Because they know that the American drive-bys do not want ISIS being credited with this stuff. The American drive-bys want other people to be blamed. The American drive-bys and the American left, there’s no such thing as militant Islamic terrorism, right? There is no such thing. So, when there is, the American drive-bys do everything they can to avoid crediting militant Islamic terrorism with such acts,” said Limbaugh.

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