Neo-Nazi Group Endorses Ala. Senatorial Candidate Judge Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore (YouTube)

By Alan Gordon

Alabama GOP senatorial candidate Judge Roy Moore has received an endorsement from neo-Nazi group, the National White Alliance.

“We are glad to throw our weight behind Judge Roy Moore, who is a great example of an upstanding, conservative white male,” said National White Alliance President Brian Blanc in a press release. “Moore will be a voice in Washington for conservative values and will help end the war on white people.”

Moore has draw attention for his arch conservative views, which include calling homosexuality a “crime against nature” and being ejected from the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to remove a 10 commandments statue from a court house. He has also appeared on stage with a gun, claimed President Barack Obama was not born in America and said that Muslims should not be able to serve in Congress.

But he also has ties to a neo-confederate group. According to Talking Points Memo, Moore’s top benefactor Michael Anthony Peroutka is a neo-confederate sympathizer. Peroutka was also a member of the League of the South, a pro-white secessionist group.

“The fact that they are so close and Roy Moore promoted Peroutka, took him out of obscurity and helped him become the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, says a lot,” said Frederick Clarkson, a writer for the liberal think tank Political Research Associates in an interview with Talking Points Memo. “League of the South is a violent secessionist group rooted in the theology of Christian Reconstructionism, states’ rights and white supremacy. There’s no question what they’re up to.”

Also, Moore has spoken to the Council of Conservative Citizens, a group whose views influenced mass murderer Dylan Roof.

“I did not consider the Council of Conservative Citizens to be a ‘white supremacist’ group when I spoke to them 20 years ago,” said Moore.“I obviously highly regard the fundamental principle stated in the Declaration of Independence that ‘all men are created equal.’”

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