Right-Wing Media Claims Mueller is Obama Sympathizer, Passing for White

Robert Mueller

By Michael Houltt

With Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos, former members of Donald Trump’s campaign team, being indicted and arrested today the right-wing media has gone into overdrive to try and shift the blame away from the White House.

Several right-wing media outlets have attacked Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

An article on World Net Daily accused Mueller of being an “Obama plant who was trying to bring down the Trump administration.”

According to Media Matters, the far-right network One America Network accused Obama of trying to organize a coup.

“An alleged plot by the Obama administration to destroy President Donald Trump is now being revealed, shedding light on the motivation behind fierce attacks against him by the mainstream media. In a new book out today, titled All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, former New York Times editor Edward Klein cites several inside sources from the Obama White House inner circle. The author explains the largely debunked Russian collusion narrative as a consequence of a plot arranged by top Obama aides aimed at setting President Trump up for impeachment,” said Kristian Rouz.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones also floated the idea that Mueller, a former FBI director and Republican, sympathized with Obama because he had hidden his ethnic background and was passing for white.

“Why is Mueller so eager to bring down Trump,” mused Jones. “Is it because of his secret, African-American background? I’m just saying.”

Televangelist Pat Robertson also joined the anti-Mueller bandwagon. He urged President Trump to shut down the Mueller’s investigation by issuing a blanket pardon.

“He can grant a blanket pardon for everybody involved in everything and say, ‘I pardon them all, it’s all over, case closed,’” said Robertson. “I think that is what he needs to do … He’s got to shut this thing down, he’s just got to.”

Conservative author and CNN commentator Ed Martin compared Mueller to infamous FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

“I think the timing of this is very suspect, and at the end of the day we don’t want a prosecutor who is a zombie prosecutor attacking people across this country,” said Martin.

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