Jones: ‘Deep State’ Agents Used Alien Weather Weapon to Create Hurricane Irma

By Alan Gordon

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has come to the defense of President Donald Trump’s disastrous handling of Hurricane Irma, which has devastated Puerto Rico.

Although Trump claimed he had done a great job and gave himself a 10 for his handling of the hurricane damage, Puerto Ricans are dying of water-borne diseases and much of the island is still without power.

To compound the problem, Puerto Rico recently canceled a contract with Whitefish Energy, a small company which received a no-bid $300 million contract to restore power. The contract was fraught with problems and included writing that barred the government from auditing the firm’s work.

However, Jones has placed the blame at the feet of “Deep State” agents embedded in the CIA.

“The Deep State wants to embarrass Trump and so they used their weather weapon, which was back engineered from alien technology, to create a hurricane in Puerto Rico,” said Trump on “InfoWars.” “They wanted Trump’s recovery effort to fail.”

Jones’ show is a clearinghouse for some of the most outlandish conspiracy theories. An InfoWars correspondent recently claimed the U.S. government had hidden information about Adolph Hitler still being alive.

“It’s amazing, here we are, so much news and the news is so big and the news is so frequent that the biggest news every day becomes a back-page story the next day. The Las Vegas massacre cover-up, nothing. The JFK files being declassified, Hitler still alive. All the history textbooks lied to us. I was lied to my entire life about JFK, knowingly, by my government. I was lied to my entire life about Hitler, knowingly, by my government. And that’s just a nonstory now because you’ve got another radical truck running people down in the streets,” said Owen Shroyer.

However, conspiracy theories are also popular with other right-wingers. According to Right-Wing Watch, Rodney Howard-Browne, a pastor who was invited to the White House, believes ISIS was created by the CIA, vaccines cause infertility and CNN’s Anderson Cooper is a secret agent.

“The ISIS bases are in 49 states in America that the CIA brings them and trains them here and then ships them out to the areas of the world where they want there to be conflict. They are all trained here. Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA, so does Anderson Cooper,” said Howard-Browne.

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