Conservatives Blame Texas Church Shooting on Feminism, Day care, Antidepressants

Kirk Cameron (Gage Skidmore)

By Michael Houltt

Former actor Kirk Cameron has blamed the recent Texas shooting on a series of “isms,” satanism, feminism and lesbianism.

“After praying over this issue and talking to God, I came to the conclusion that most of these mass shootings are caused by these three factors,” said Cameron in an article in Charisma magazine. “It’s obvious that the man must have been possessed by a demonic spirit to want to attack God’s house. But also I think some of these attackers are men feeling they have to prove themselves, since lesbianism and feminism tell women they can act and dress like men.”

Right wing-radio host Rush Limbaugh also put the blame on women. He blamed the shooting on day care, while televangelist Pat Robertson said that antidepressants were the cause.

“Do we have a climate of death in this country? What isn’t going on? We understand a lot of these shootings, the people involved have been taking antidepressant drugs, and that may well be the causative factor, but something is going on,” said Robertson on TBN.

Robertson also added, “I hope and pray they don’t politicize this thing and start talking about gun control and all that because it won’t be necessary.”

However, Texas shooter Devin Kelley should have never been able to buy a weapon because he was convicted of domestic abuse.

According to Right Wing Watch, End Times preacher Rick Wales pointed the finger at conservatives’ favorite enemy, former President Barack Obama.

“A dark, sinister entity controlled by Lucifer is behind these mass shootings,” said Wiles on “TruNews.” “These events are not happening at random by mentally ill people. You may not realize it, but the USA is engulfed in a communist revolution. I’ve been warning about it since 2008, with the election of communist street organizer Barry Soetoro, alias Barack Hussein Obama, and I assure you he is behind all of this Resist Trump movement going on right now.”

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