Stacey Dash: Trump Will Be More Popular than Obama, Bill Clinton in Black Community

Stacey Dash (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

Actress-turned-conservative pundit Stacey Dash still remains optimistic about President Donald Trump’s presidency, even though he’s facing an investigation by special prosecutor Robert Mueller and racks up daily scandals. During his recent Asian trip, he said he believed Russian President Vladimir Putin over the nation’s intelligence chiefs. Trump later tried to walk back that statement.

Dash pointed to the economy. She said consumer confidence is up and this means people are spending money.

“Black people see the economy is turning around because of Trump. He knows business,” said Dash in an interview with the Daily Caller. “Trump will end up being more popular in the black community than Barack Obama or Bill Clinton.”

Like most Trump supporters, Dash seems to be living in a fact-free, fantasy world. She isn’t the only one to offer some erroneous opinions about Trump’s popularity.

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski recently said Trump did better with black voters than previous Republican presidents.

“Six percent of African-Americans voted for Trump, which is the highest for a Republican other than Bob Dole. Muslims, Hispanics and women are all voting for Donald Trump,” said Lewandowski during a Q and A with Harvard students.

However, according to the Huffington Post, Trump got 8 percent of the black vote and George W. Bush received 11 percent of the black vote.

A recent Politico article showed that support is still strong for Trump in the Midwest. However, many Trump supporters don’t seem to be in touch with reality.

“Trump’s probably the most diligent, hardest-working president we’ve ever had in our lifetimes. It’s not like he sleeps in till noon and goes golfing every weekend, like the last president did,” said Joey Del Signore.

But Trump has spent almost every weekend at one of his golf courses and the Secret Service has already exhausted its budget protecting the president while he is on vacation.

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