National White Alliance: ‘Justice League’ Movie Promotes White Genocide

Jason Momoa plays Aquaman in the new “Justice League” movie. (Gage Skidmore)

By Vernon Elliot

The new DC movie “Justice League” has been savaged by critics and did poorly at the box office, but now the film is being attacked by a white nationalist organization.

According to a press release from Brian Blanc, president of the National White Alliance, “Justice League” is racially insensitive to white people.

“The character of Aquaman is portrayed by Jason Momoa, who is non white,” said Blanc. “Traditionally Aquaman was blonde-haired and Caucasian. This is just another example of the liberal Jews in Hollywood trying to eradicate white people.”

Momoa is of Hawaiian descent.

Blanc also accused the movie of participating in “white genocide,” which is a frequent complaint from alt-right organizations. However, four of the Justice League members are portrayed by white actors.

“The word ‘diversity’ has evolved into a bit of white supremacist profanity since the mainstreaming of white nationalism. It is part of the ‘white genocide’ theory,” said Michael Harriot writing for the Root. “The theory goes that the white race is being eliminated by immigration, multiculturalism and diversity efforts. Proponents usually cite the rhetoric that the United Nations definition of genocide includes ‘replacing’ a people—it does not (pdf)—which is what is being done to the great Aryan race.”

The Atlantic attributes the term “white genocide,” to Robert Whitaker, a South Carolina segregationist.

“The tract, known as The Mantra, helped promote the term ‘White Genocide,’ which has since become a watchword among white supremacists for immigration and fertility trends that could lead to whites losing their majority status in U.S. and European populations in the coming decades,” said Kathy Gilsinan.

The term was also used by mass murderer Dylann Roof, who shot several black churchgoers in Charleston, S.C. three years ago. Roof claimed that black people were taking over.

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