Racists Call for Prince Harry’s Death, Accuse Him of Being Non-White After He Announces Engagement

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

By Michael Houltt

White supremacist are up in arms over the announcement that Britain Prince Harry is engaged to marry American actress Meghan Markle. Markle is biracial.

Anger raged at Harry on white supremacists sites such as Stormfront and the Daily Stormer.

A Daily Stormer poster called MAGAman threatened Prince Harry’s life.

“Someone ought to put him out of his misery, before he pollutes the royal family,” said MAGAman.

A poster on Stormfront claimed that Harry was not really white.

“Look at that hair?” said DCStar12. “There have long been rumors that Harry was not fathered by Charles and his mom Diana was a bit of a mudshark.” (Mudshark is a derisive term for white women who like to date black men.) The late Princess Diana once dated a South Asian doctor and Dodi Fayed, who was Egyptian.

Harry also came in for harsh criticism on Twitter, with some users calling him a “cuck,” (a right wing term for a submissive white man.)

“Unfortunately, much like a past instance in which Prince Harry was forced to defend Meghan from cyberbullies, others are taking to Twitter to defend the couple from negative reactions. Some are using the happy announcement as a means to wrongfully point out Meghan’s previous relationship status and her race, which Twitter isn’t taking kindly to,” said Teen Vogue.

When Markle marries into the lily-white royal family she will become the first person of color in several centuries to join their ranks. Some right-wing British news publications have been less than enthused at this prospect.

The Daily Mail ran a story about Markle’s humble background with the headline, “Harry’s Girl Is (Almost) Straight Outta Compton.”

According to Newsweek, some British people are not happy about the union.

“After all, you wouldn’t have a white person in the Indian royal family,” said a neighbor of black British academic Kehinde Andrews, a professor of sociology at Birmingham City University.

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