Jones Blames Trump’s Alien Replacement For Racist Statements

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Michael Hoult
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has again leaped to the defense of President Donald Trump, who has endured a torrid few days after he tweeted anti-Islamic videos and used a racial slur during a White House ceremony for Native American veterans.

Jones claims that Donald Trump could not have made the statements “because he is not racist.”

“Trump has said that he is the least racist person, and I believe him,” said Jones on his show “InfoWars.” “He has a lot of black friends and has hung out with them and invited them to his house.”

Jones suggested the real Trump was being locked away and he had been replaced with a shape-shifting alien duplicate.

“The alien replacement is making racist statements to try and make Trump look bad,” he said.

Jones, who hosted then candidate Trump on his show, is renowned for making outlandish statements such as claiming the Sandy Hook school shooting never happened and the children killed during the attack were being kept on a secret Martian penal colony. Recently he claimed that the Las Vegas shooting never happened.

He said the shooting was an Islamic terrorist attack that was covered up by the FBI.

“Well I know the FBI went and picked up the caller you heard earlier when he talked about it being an Islamic attack and there being shootings all over town and helicopters being used. And the FBI showed up and drugged the guy and then declared national security. He’s had to leave the country just over that, so do you think they’d be having the FBI at his house in two hours after he called in about that if it was just a rumor? No, they don’t want that discussed. So Vegas is as phony as a three dollar bill or as Obama’s birth certificate,” said Jones, according to Media Matters.

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