Savage Accuses Flynn of Being an ‘Obama Plant’

Michael Savage (Right Wing Watch)

By Mary Washington

As it becomes evident that former National Security Advisor Lt.-Gen. Michael Flynn seems to have a cut a deal to testify against President Donald Trump and his family, Republicans are rushing to distance themselves from him. According to news reports, Flynn is believed to be providing evidence about other senior officials in the Trump camp who directed him to work with the Russians.

Trump attorney Ty Cobb called Flynn a “former Obama official.” “This is going to be White House strategy for as long as they can keep Trump from talking or tweeting about it. ‘He worked for Obama’s longer/he’s a proven liar,’” said New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman in a post on Twitter.

But right-wing radio show host Michael Savage took it even further. He accused Obama of planting a hold over in the Trump administration.

“Flynn is a plant from the Obama administration,” said Savage on his radio show. “I’m sure Obama put him there just to deliberately embarrass the Trump administration.”

But in reality former President Barack Obama actually removed Flynn from his post as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and recommended that Trump not hire him.

According to Right Wing Watch, some Trump supporters had an even more delusional reaction to the Flynn news. End Times preacher Rick Joyner blasted the Flynn announcement as “fake news.”

“Immediately, ABC News put out a story that Flynn has made an agreement to testify against Trump,” said Joyner. “This really rattled the markets … and [there has been] no collaboration [sic] to this story ABC News put out, nothing to back it up, none of the other networks have yet picked it up, so if it is fake news and proves not to be true, should ABC News be dubbed a terrorist organization, sowing terror, sowing confusion?”

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