Right Wingers Blame Jews, ‘Democrat Media,’ Alien Mind Readers For Flynn’s Downfall

Lt.-Gen. Michael Flynn (Rtd.) (Gage Skidmore)

By Alan Gordon

As former National Security Advisor Lt.-Gen. Michael Flynn prepares to work with special prosecutor Robert Mueller against President Donald Trump, conservatives are scrambling to explain his turn. Many of them are clutching at straws.

The far-right naturally blamed Flynn’s downfall on the Jews. According to Newsweek, Jared Wyand, a Trump supporter and avid Twitter user, pinned the blame on Zionism.

“Not that any of this is anywhere near criminal but here is Zionism at the center again,” said Wyand on Gab, a social media site frequented by white supremacists. “I wonder (((who))) was pestering Trump admin for this information.” (Neo-nazis use triple parenthesis to indicate Jewishness.)

Wyand also claimed the Star Wars movie “Rogue One,” was part of a Jewish conspiracy.

The Daily Stormer, a leading neo-Nazi site, also blamed Jews.

“The kikes really hated Flynn and wanted him off the administration at all costs,” said Adrian Sol, a Daily Stormer blogger. “He was a prominent advocate of prosecuting Hilary [sic] Clinton, and regularly made strong anti-Islam comments. Exactly the kind of guy we would have wanted Trump to have by his side.”

Far-right conspiracy site the Gateway Pundit also blamed “the Democrat media” for bringing down Flynn.

“Once again—this verdict has NOTHING TO DO with Trump-Russia collusion,” said Jim Hoft in a blog post. “It’s just a way for the Democrat media and Deep State to erase an election and eliminate Donald Trump.”

But Alex Jones, America’s favorite conspiracy theorist, saw an even more sinister force at work. He blamed both former President Barack Obama and aliens for Flynn’s demise.

“If you look at Flynn’s career, it’s been all about patriotism and defending the country,” said Jones on “InfoWars. “Why did he suddenly become a Russian collaborator? I suspect it must have been Obama and his team of human-alien hybrid mind readers, who implanted the idea in his mind.”

Jones has frequently claimed a secret group of shape-shifting reptilian aliens controls the world.

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