Jones: Obama’s Hiding Birth Certificate Because He’s Part Reptilian

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Blake Edmunds

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has joined the drumbeat of right wingers who are clamoring for President Donald Trump to reopen the investigation into former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

“Personally, I have received info from sources in the intelligence community that say Obama’s birth is surrounded in secrecy because he is a human-alien hybrid,” said Jones on “InfoWars.” “That’s one of the reasons why he hasn’t aged as badly as other previous presidents. The alien DNA keeps him young.”

Jones believes the world is secretly controlled by a covert group of shape-shifting reptilian aliens. He also believes the Sandy Hook and Las Vegas shootings were both staged by the government.

However, Jones shares Trump’s skepticism about Obama’s birth certificate. Obama was dogged by conspiracy theories about his birthplace during his two terms, even though he produced two birth certificates and there were newspapers records of his birth in Hawaii. Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently told a group of California Republicans that he planned to continue the investigation into Obama’s birth certificate. Trump has also said privately that he doubts Obama’s birthplace, even though he spent years pursuing the birther rumors and later admitted that the 44th president was born in the United States.

According to Right Wing Watch, Carl Gallups, a pastor and conspiracy theorist, is convinced Trump is about to make a major revelation about Obama’s real birthplace.

“I’m convinced that Donald Trump is probably getting his ducks in a row to bring this to the forefront,” said Gallups on “The Hagmann Report.” “All of these sham investigations that they have going on on him—there is no evidence that he did anything with Russia to sway to sway our election, but I’m telling you, it’s all a big smokescreen and shots across his bow to say, ‘Don’t you touch this birth certificate.’”

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