Black Conservatives Claim Trump is ‘One of Greatest Presidents’ ‘Achieved More Than Obama’

David Clarke (Gage Skidmore)

By Mary Washington

One of the most bizarre aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency is his habit of believing conspiracy and trying to get people to believe his own reality, no matter how outlandish or incorrect it is. For example, Trump often refers to himself as “your favorite president,” even though his ratings are at record low numbers.

But Trump’s propaganda seems to be working on his followers. Trump maintains strong support among Evangelical Christians, even though he’s thrice married and used to run a casino.

Two high-profile black Republicans also seem to believe Trump’s lies. Black conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson says the Trump presidency has already been a resounding success.

“Trump has achieved more in 12 months, than what Barack Obama achieved in eight years in power,” said Peterson on his radio. “This is what happens when you ignore political correctness and affirmative action and put white men back in charge.”

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is also a slavish devotee of Donald Trump.

He recently posted a message on Twitter that said: “Although history cannot be judged in the present, mark me down today as saying @realDonaldTrump will go down in history, when all is said and done, as one of THE greatest PRESIDENTS in US history. Time in history predicts greatness. America is on the precipice of greatness again.”

Clarke also praised Trump during an appearance on “FOX and Friends.”

“President Donald Trump is winning hearts and minds quietly and slowly throughout black America, as they are willing to give him a chance as he has during the campaign, so I think the event will be better off without those people there,” said Clarke.

Clarke also took the time to bash civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) calling him “irrelevant.” He also repeated the false claim, promoted by Trump, that Lewis’ Georgia district was crime ridden and had failing schools.

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