Internet Pranksters Bombard Roy Moore With Interracial Porn, Cocoa Butter, Black Dildos

Judge Roy Moore (YouTube)

By Mary Washington

Judge Roy Moore, the controversial candidate for the Alabama senate seat, is refusing to give up. According to news reports, Moore is still contesting his loss to Democrat Doug Jones, even though he statistically can’t win.

According to Raw Story, Moore was still challenging the validity of the election and implied that there was electoral fraud.

“Reports of potential voter fraud and various other irregularities are streaming in from all across the state,” said Moore in a fundraising email. “Campaign staff and volunteers are chasing down and investigating each and every report the moment they’re received.”

Alex Jones’ “InfoWars” and other right-wing conspiracy theorists claimed that black voters were bussed in from other states to vote in the election.

Some of Moore’s views, such as claiming homosexuality was a crime, suggesting Muslims be banned from Congress, and insisting that biblical law trumps U.S. law, even turned off Republican voters.

“In one Alabama county, voters would rather be led by Bugs Bunny, Bozo ‘The Clown,’ or ‘a competent conservative’ than Democratic candidate Doug Jones or Republican candidate Roy Moore,” said Newsweek.

But he is facing another problem. Internet pranksters have bombarded Moore, who said the country was great during slavery, with unique gifts. Internet jokers have mailed interracial porn videos from, cocoa butter and black dildos.

Moore has reacted with fury to his presents.

“These depraved gifts show just how far our country has strayed from God,” he said in a press release.

Moore’s far-right views likely contributed to the first victory for a Democrat in an Alabama senate in 25 years. Jones also received the overwhelming amount of black votes.

“After 98 percent of black women voted to deliver Democratic candidate Doug Jones a near-impossible victory in Tuesday night’s Alabama Senate election, the hashtag #ThankBlackWomen began trending on Twitter,” said Newsweek.

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