Bakker: God Has Given Trump ‘The Wisdom of Solomon’

Jim Bakker (Twitter)

By Alan Gordon.
Donald Trump supporters continue to spew gushing praise at the 45th president. The latest supporter was televangelist Jim Bakker, who compared him to a biblical king.

“God came to me in a dream and he said that he would appoint a Solomon-like president,” said Bakker on his online television show. “When you look at Trump’s wealth and wisdom, it’s clear he is a modern-day Solomon. God has gifted him with wisdom.”

Trump recently hosted a White House meeting with other Republicans, who praised his one legislative achievement, the massive tax cut that benefits the rich. During that meeting, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch also sang his praises.

“This president hasn’t even been in office even a year, and look at all the things that he’s been able to get done,” said Hatch. He also said Trump could be as great as President Abraham Lincoln.

However, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s praise was way over the top. He compared Trump to legendary British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

“Churchill was hated by his own party, opposition party, and press. Feared by King as reckless, and despised for his bluntness. But unlike Neville Chamberlain, he didn’t retreat. We had a Chamberlain for 8 yrs; in @realDonaldTrump we have a Churchill,” said Huckabee in a post on Twitter.

According to Raw Story, Twitter users howled in dismay at Huckabee’s comparison.

“Trump is just like Chamberlain, if Chamberlain were stupid, racist, ignorant in the ways of government, fat, orange, in possession of a 60,000 dollar implanted wig, and a Nazi,” said author Molly Jong-Fast.

“By the time Churchill came to power he had written numerous books and articles, and been to war,” tweeted former CIA agent John Sipher, “Served as minister numerous times. What original work or thought has Trump had? When did he serve anyone other than himself?”

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