Jones Claims Michael Wolf Used Shape Shifting Skills to Infiltrate White House

Alex Jones (YouTube)

By Blake Edmunds

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, always a staunch defender of President Donald Trump, has leaped to his defense in the wake of the media storm around Michael Wolff’s bombshell book “Fire and Fury.” Released yesterday, the book has already become a bestseller, even in states that voted for Trump.

In his expose on the Trump administration, Wolff portrays Trump as a man in over his head presiding over a chaotic White House. He also claimed that most of his close advisers view him as a “child.”

However, Jones had a crackpot theory to disprove Wolff’s claims.

“This is a smear campaign motivated by Obama, the Deep State operatives in the CIA and the reptilian aliens,” said Jones. “I think Wolff might be an alien shapeshifter himself. How did he get into the White House with his reputation? Trump claims to have never seen him. Maybe he stole someone’s identity?”

Jones and other Republicans have long claimed that former President Barack Obama and his allies in the Deep State (a code word for long-serving government officials) were behind a coup to remove Trump.

Jones also condemned former White House advisor Steve Bannon who supplied Wolff with several damning quotes.

“Bannon is at the heart of the attempt to take down the president now, and it’s just like something out of a Roman tragedy. It’s like something out of what really happened with Julius Caesar,” said Jones, according to Media Matters. “Meanwhile, Breitbart and Infowars readers pretty much unanimously side with Trump on ‘war of words with Bannon.’ Not a war of words. Bannon, if you get mugged, you weren’t in a fight, OK? Everybody’s calling this a fight. Bannon stabbed the president and America in the back. It is not — it is not a fight. If somebody rapes your wife, she didn’t cheat on you. Gosh, I’m getting angry. So I was waiting to see what Bannon said, he played it exactly like a snake.”

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