Robertson: God Won’t Let N. Korea Nuke America, As Long As Trump Is President

Pat Robertson

By Jamal Whiteman

Televangelist Pat Robertson has encouraged Evangelical Christians not to worry about the threat of nuclear war as tensions with North Korea ratchet up. The New York Times reported the Pentagon seems to be gearing up for nuclear strikes against North Korea, if diplomacy fails. President Donald Trump has previously threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea.

“Across the military, officers and troops are quietly preparing for a war they hope will not come,” according to the Times. “At Fort Bragg in North Carolina last month, a mix of 48 Apache gunships and Chinook cargo helicopters took off in an exercise that practiced moving troops and equipment under live artillery fire to assault targets. Two days later, in the skies above Nevada, 119 soldiers from the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division parachuted out of C-17 military cargo planes under cover of darkness in an exercise that simulated a foreign invasion.”

And last week Hawaii was sent into chaos when a false emergency alert said a nuclear missile was heading towards the islands.

However, Robertson said he received a divine message that America will be spared.

“God came to me last night and said America will be spared as long as his chosen one, Donald Trump, is in power,” said Robertson. “That’s the reason why we must ensure that Trump gets a second term.”

In spite of Trump’s past dalliances with gambling and paying porn star Stormy Daniels more than $120,000 for her silence, most Evangelicals attribute his presidential win to divine intervention.

However, not all Evangelicals were convinced that America would not be spared from nuclear war.

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of preacher Billy Graham, claimed God could still punish America with a nuclear strike because of its immorality.

“And I’m talking about something like a nuclear strike, an earthquake that splits us in two, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack that devastates our electrical grid. Something major that would be a game-changer for America, because we are so defiant and rebellious and idolatrous and immoral, and we know better,” said Lotz, according to the Christian Post.

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  • Luke Fawcett

    Most of his previous predictions were wrong.