Jones: Deep State is New Version Of the Illuminati, Plans to Nuke DC

Alex Jones (Sean P. Anderson)

By Blake Edmunds

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has linked the Illuminati to the right wing’s newest bogeyman, the so-called Deep State. The Deep State refers to long-serving officials who work in government agencies such as the CIA, FBI and the Department of Justice. Many people on the right have accused the Deep State of plotting to dethrone President Donald Trump with a coup.

According to Jones, the Deep State is simply a new version of the Illuminati, a secret group that allegedly runs the world.

“The Illuminati have been around for centuries trying to push their Luciferian, one-world government views,” said Jones on his show “InfoWars.” “But they have adapted, now they go by the Deep State. Agents of the Deep State also have membership in the Illuminati. The CIA and FBI are great places to be if you want to secretly control the world.”

Jones previously claimed that Hillary Clinton was a member of a secret child-murdering sex cult. His stories led an InfoWars listener to shoot up a Washington, D.C. pizzeria in attempt to free the children. Jones later retracted his claims.

However, Jones recently made an even more outlandish claim, according to Right Wing Watch. On his show, he accused the Deep State of planning to drop a nuclear bomb on Washington, D.C. and also compared them to the Rebel Alliance in “Star Wars.”

“We’re about to squeeze the trigger and fire those torpedoes down the main reactor shaft, or you can put us in the other seat. We’re Darth Vader and here comes a Millennium Falcon. We’ve got to blow that thing up, politically,” said Jones. “So I’d be watching all sixes right now for what they’re going to pull. They want to set a nuke off in D.C.? They want to pull some kind of hanky-panky? This is the time they’re going to do it.”

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