Poll: 69 percent of Trump Supporters Believe FBI is Full of Muslim Sleeper Agents

A Trump supporter in Phoeniz, Ariz. (Gage Skidmore)

By Alan Gordon

A new poll shows that President Donald Trump seems to have been successful in turning Republicans against the FBI.

An Occidental Public Polling survey indicates that 68 percent of Trump voters suspected the FBI had been infiltrated by Muslim sleeper agents.

“That’s the reason why the FBI were on Obama’s side,” said Frank Mills of Denver, Colo., who responded to the poll. “They realized he was one of them.”

Trump has painted the FBI as biased against him and pro-Hillary Clinton in an attempt to slow down the investigation into his ties to Russia. And the propaganda seems to be working.

Vox reported that a Reuters/IPSOS poll showed that 73 percent of Republicans believe the FBI and the Department of Justice were working against Trump.

“The Reuters poll isn’t a one-off. A SurveyMonkey poll released over the weekend found that only 38 percent of Republicans have a ‘favorable’ view of the FBI, while a plurality, 47 percent, have an unfavorable view,” said Vox writer Zack Beauchamp. “This is a striking decline in GOP views of the bureau: In 2015, per Reuters, a huge majority of Republicans — 84 percent — reported favorable views of the FBI. A Huffington Post poll released last week also found a large decline in Republican views of the FBI from 2015 to today.”

According to the Huffington Post, Eric Holder, who served as attorney general under President Barack Obama, said Trump has done permanent damage to the relationship between the White House and the FBI.

“I would hope that people will remember the way in which this administration has talked about, has treated the men and women in law enforcement during the Trump investigation, so that when they claim they are pro-law enforcement, that will be seen as the lie that it is,” said Holder.

He also shot down Trump’s claim that the FBI was pro-Democrat.

“The notion that the FBI is a bastion of liberalism ― that you have wild-eyed left-wingers there running the FBI or populating the FBI ― is totally inconsistent with, again, these little things, these bothersome things called the facts,” he said.

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