White Supremacists Honor Ann Coulter With Eva Braun Award

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

By H. Peter Johnson

A white supremacist group has honored conservative commentator Ann Coulter for her latest book “Adios, America,” which claims waves of immigration from Latin America is destroying America.

The National White Alliance said they have invited Coulter to their annual conference, where she will receive the Eva Braun award.

“It’s clear from reading her book that she stands with us,” said Will Cowan, president of the National White Alliance, which, like Coulter, has called from an end to immigration from Africa, Asia and Latin America. “We want to reward her for the hard work she has been doing getting this message across.”

“We need to be bringing more white people over here from Europe, that’s where all the smart, hard-working people are,” Cowan said. “Ann stated this clearly in her book.”

However, studies show Nigerian immigrants have the highest college degree attainment of all groups.

In her latest book, Coulter accused Mexicans of coming to America to litter the country and said “every level of Nigerian society is criminal.”

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  • Coulter’s politics certainly flirt (at the very least) with white supremacy.

    See “Adios, Ann: Coulter’s WASP Fantasy” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-7H.

  • In a sane, rational world, receiving an award and being honoured by a white supremacist group would be the kiss of death for a public figure. Too bad ours is neither sane nor rational.