Savage: Obama Should’ve Never Been President Because He Isn’t A Natural-Born American

Michael Savage (Right Wing Watch)
Michael Savage (Right Wing Watch)
By Alan Gordon

Right-wing talk show host Michael Savage has urged Donald Trump to overturn all of President Barack Obama’s executive orders when he is elected president.

“I hope President Trump undoes all of the damage that the impostor Obama has done,” said Savage in an interview with The Conservative Chronicle. “Everything he did was illegal anyway, because he should have never been president. He should have never been allowed to serve, because he never proved that he was eligible for the job in the first place.”

Republicans have been disputing Obama’s citizenship since 2008, insisting that he wasn’t born in America. And some of them stubbornly refuse to believe he is a natural-born American, even though Obama has produced two birth certificates, hospital records, testimony from the doctor who delivered him and confirmation from the governor of Hawaii. But according to USA Today, 59 percent of Iowa caucus goers still believe Obama wasn’t born in America. However, GOP voters have no problem with Sen. Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, (He’s considered a natural-born citizen because his mother is an American citizen, as was Obama’s.)

Trump was once a prominent birther, but now refuses to talk about it, but some Republicans won’t let it die. Kris Kobach, Kansas secretary of state, recently suggested that Obama opposes proof of citizenship laws because he is not a citizen, according to Right Wing Watch. Kobach has become infamous for enforcing photo ID laws that make voting more difficult.

“Like there was that one thing, it just made you scratch your head, there was that one thing that the Harvard Law Journal printed which described Barack Obama as a ‘young student born in Kenya,’” said Kobach on his radio show on Kansas City’s KCMO. “Now, he says that was wrong, and maybe it was wrong, but anyway, maybe you’re right, maybe that’s why he doesn’t talk about proof of citizenship, because he, you know, he would rather not bring up the citizenship issue. Of course, now he’s got nothing to worry about, he’s in office for the remaining year.”

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  • thinkingperson

    Michael (Weenie) Savage must be off his meds again.

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    Prove to me your’e not just another dumb white bastard, Micheal