White Nationalist Group Wants Affirmative Action Programs for White Men

Image from Writersvoice.net
Image from Writersvoice.net

By Michael Hoult

It seems eight years of Barack Obama as president and a potential Hillary Clinton presidency has left some white men feeling threatened by the changing nature of American leadership.

According to Brian Blanc, of the National White Alliance (NWA,) white men are being marginalized.

“Nobody is more discriminated than white men in America,” he said in a recent press release. “The government needs to set up affirmative action programs for white men, who are rapidly losing ground. Who’s looking out for white men in education, politics or the business world?”

Although people like Blanc feel white men are losing power, Obama is the first non-white president in more than 200 years. And, if she is elected, Clinton will be the first woman president. Also, Congress is still 80 percent white male and white men dominate the business world too.

However, Wayne Allyn Root, a right-wing activist, said it was “time for white men to have their voices heard,” according to Right Wing Watch.

“We won’t survive another term of Barack Obama and Hillary has said she wants to be an extension of Barack Obama, except from their campaign rhetoric, she’s headed toward Bernie Sanders, which is even more spending than Barack Obama, even more socialism than Obama,” said Root, who authored a book called “Angry White Men.” “So anyone who stays home and sits on their hands and won’t vote for Trump, you get what you deserve. You’re gonna have a socialist nation and the end of America, in my opinion.”

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