Trump Says He’ll Be More Popular Than Fried Chicken, Watermelon in the Black Community

Donald Trump (Marc Nozell)
Donald Trump (Marc Nozell)

By Jamal Whiteman

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump seems to still think he will win over black voters, even though he is currently polling at 1 percent.

In an interview with Tampa, Fla. station WFLA he was confident of gaining black votes.

“I think it’s really catching on because I see I’m going up very, very sharply with African American voters,” said Trump.

Trump later told the Conservative Chronicle that after his first term he will be extremely popular with African American voters.

“I’ll be more popular than fried chicken and watermelon in the black community,” he said.

Trump has recently been pushing hard for the African American vote. But he has been using controversial tactics. During a campaign stop in Michigan, Trump told a predominately white audience that black people had nothing to lose by voting for him.

“You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?” said Trump, according to a CNN article.

However, Trump seems to be playing both sides against the middle. At the same time he is appealing to black voters, he has embraced white nationalists. He regularly retweets white supremacist messages and Steve Bannon, the new CEO of the Trump campaign, turned Breitbart into a hot bed of white nationalism. Also, black people have been assaulted at Trump rallies and assailed with ethnic slurs.

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  1. street talk to blacks and trump really could win them over. they may vote for trump for “what the hell, why not try it.” as the don says” what in the hell do you have to loose.”

  2. Why can’t he hear himself saying these very racist remarks? Does he really believe he is immuned from criticism when he says these sort of things? It only proves to everyone that he is trying to con his way into the hearts of the black voters. 95% of black voters are against Trump! He can’t win minorities by claiming 1% of their vote.

  3. This nincompoop thinks he can woo the black vote by using stereotypical images of Blacks loving watermelon & fried chicken. He just turned more of the few knuckleheads who support him away. “Stupid is what stupid does.”

  4. Ya’ gotta be $#!++in’ me!!! Is this a spoof? And I thought that no one could be that callus and insensitive! Shows how outta’ touch he is!!! Not 1 dang vote!! Not 1.

  5. This is all propoganda. Please wake up America and see past the lies of mainstream media. All of this devisive rederick is coming from the globalist because their afraid he’s going to stop their world order dominance they’ve been planning forever. Trump is kicking their buttstock so theyre trying to throw whatever will stick at him. IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK. We know their plan and Trump is going to win and remove their curruption.

  6. “I’ll be more popular than fried chicken and watermelon in the black community,” he said
    Just like he said “I hate muslims” and “Mexicans are rapists”. None of these happened. If Trump is so bad, how come you feel the need to make up lies about what he’s said too? At least it proves one thing, you believe your readership to be fools. I’m sure they’re pleased to know that.

  7. Aaahhh, the joke’s on me, *satirical website*. Well played. Sad though, that there are some who won’t question this. Trump doesn’t have a mortgage on brain cell-challenged supporters

  8. Click on “About” on this site and you’ll see this.

    “The Business Standard News is a satirical site designed to parody the 24-hour news cycle. The stories are outlandish, but reality is so strange nowadays they could be true.

  9. Actually my black son in law loved fried chicken and boy did he make it good! I don’t know about the watermelon. It is a stereotype but it seems like it may be true

  10. I have to call BS on this one. He could not be that stupid to say that. I, as a black man, don’t believe this report. I need to hear this myself before I will believe it.

  11. Black people will not vote for hiis ignorant, common ass. He can’t bullshit black people. We see straight through his silly Orange faced silly ass!!!!!

  12. He never said said that remark about fried chicken and watermelon. It’s fine if you don’t like him. Nobody said you had to vote for him to begin with. However, lying about the things he says and then reporting it as news just makes you look bad. Allow people to make up their own minds instead of filling it with lies and deceit. I promise you one thing, if anyone in this country thinks Hillary has your best interest at heart, you are sorely mistaken. She looks out for herself only. I don’t agree with everything Donald Trump says or does. However, I damn sure don’t agree with Hillary on anything! As a woman, I would love to have a woman as president but she is not fit or even competent to be the commander in chief. I’d love to see Condoleezza Rice run!

  13. This is the most racist thing a candidate could say and is not how you get minority votes. Either Trump is too stupid to know better or he thinks he is right to say this which would prove he is a racist.

  14. You’re obviously talking about crooked killary and her lying liberal media. Nobody with a brain believes anything they say

  15. First of all we have everything to lose if we vote for this idiot azz. Why would we vote a racist sexist clown who doesn’t know the first about politics in the White House. Nall I will pass team Hillary.

  16. See how racist dat biiihh is all black people dont eat fried foods dumass dats why he want get our vote when he do hell a b freezing over its more poor people than rich u do da math with dat said and done dats all MRS CLINTON NEEDS laughing at hos dumass all da way 2da polls

  17. Fantastic items from you, man. I have take into account your stuff previous to and you are just too great. I actually like what you have obtained right here, really like what you’re stating and the way in which by which you say it. You’re making it enjoyable and you continue to take care of to keep it sensible. I cant wait to read far more from you. This is really a tremendous site.

  18. I am NOT a fan of Mr. Trump. As I always do (when any comments are posted) I do my research. If I hear it from the ‘horses mouth’ on TV, then I will believe it. Not to defend him, I will do my research.

  19. I have been saying all along that Trump is Trump’s enemy because of of utterances that often come from his unguided mouth. Hilary doesn’t have to labor campaigning because Trump is busy doing a good job of demarketing himself while marketing Hilary really good. Trump’s statement comparing his popularity in the Blacks community after first tenure to that of fried chicken and water melon is simply derogatory and racist. Period.

  20. The Business Standard News is a satirical site designed to parody the 24-hour news cycle. The stories are outlandish, but reality is so strange nowadays they could be true.

  21. Trump is ready for a late stage mental breakdown. I wonder how much coke this nutbag is snorting or smoking? Hmmmmm

  22. If you didnt hear it come from him you would be a fool to believe what you read… some people take advantage of the people who will beleive whatever they read online… listen for the soundbyte, if it happened there will be one …. you wont be finding one pertaining to the bs claims in this article.. he is not a stupid man, and you need to be to say stupid stuff like this.

  23. It’s hard for me to believe this one, but if it were true his supporters would come to his defense and say things like he meant to say or he was trying to say, and he would say the media took his comment out of context.

  24. This sounds like he is an idiot to me, by using things like chicken and watermelon to try to get black votes? really? It just sounded racist to me to make those comparisons , to try to get black votes..

  25. Ummmm, this is a satire site whackadoodles. he did not say that although we all can probably imagine him saying it so it does hit pretty close to home. When you have to wonder if an article is satire or truth about a candidate that says a lot about the candidate.

  26. Sorry for the misspelling and grammar, omce again not able to comprehend how stupid, racist he really is, no matter what he says.

  27. Actually he can if it’s the only 1% that actually votes…… Are you aware that around 75% of the nation’s population doesn’t bother voting except in presidential elections then it jumps to about 50% voter participation, yet the ones that don’t vote bitch and complain about the candidate that is chosen for them by the ones that do vote?

  28. Is fried chicken popular in the black community? Is watermelon popular in the black community? If the answer is yes to both questions then whoever is saying they are racist remarks ARE MAKING them racist remarks.

  29. You all need to stop and think. Hillary was backed by the KKK, how could you forget that? Oh I forgot, you have forgotten about while people were the first slaves, because they stopped teaching it in the history class. As for being African American how many of you were born in Africa? Sorry for you, if you were born here; you are not African American. You are American. There is but ONE RACE IT IS THE HUMAN RACE! Now it leaves me to believe, if you either have no life, no better to do than try to create problems, like the the KKK and BLM. Both of which are racial motivated. I choose to do better for myself,family, and community; by being making changes in things that matters. Help the homeless, help the elderly, volunteer. I don’t have to think about it much, but it does anger me to hear anyone trying to pick a side of color there are too many to choose. Therefore I choose the one I am the part of THE HUMAN RACE! Now You have a great day! God bless you and your Country!

  30. If he was black, Asian, Latino (regardless of race), woman, homosexual, transgender and would have really said that the black community would be dying of laughter. Just because you identify a ethnic trait doesn’t mean you’re a racist.

  31. I doubt even Trump said that. He’s not the brightest person I have ever met (I know him) but he is also not that stupid

  32. Watermelon popularity among Blacks is a myth. Asian and Hispanics like watermelon more. There’s no difference between watermelon popularity between Blacks and Whites. A cruel cartoon of a young Black boy as having a watermelon smile started that myth.
    As for fried chicken, in the segregation era, there were plenty of restaurants in the South that wouldn’t serve Blacks–not even in the back door. So African-Americans developed the custom of cooking fried chicken in advance if they were going on a road trip.
    By the way, Trump is a ridiculous, narcissistic racist.

  33. A snow ball, has a better chance in Hell. Than he has securing the, votes of African American or people of color.

  34. Unlike liberals, we conservatives don’t believe whatever they read. We use our minds. Liberals have lost theirs!

  35. Obama has divided this country!! Now that’s a joke… He has made these demons take off their sheets so the world could see who they really are.
    May they all burn in hell together

  36. Democratic established crime machine will do anything to turn black Americans against Trump . Its the criminal democratic mafia Syndicate that has destroyed so much of the black community .

  37. PICKS FACE UP OFF FLOOR…. DROPS MIC…. WALKS OFF STAGE….. I’m African American and I just don’t believe this…. “ARE WE ON PUNKED??????”

  38. What does the “B” and the “S ” in “biz standard NEWS(?) mean?

    Never heard of this site…Who in the world believes this ludicrous statement is true with absolutely NO link or source given? This is a pathetic and juvenile attempt to smear Trump. Anyone living in America today knows that IF this ridiculous thing were actually said it would be MAJOR NEWS ON EVERY MEDIA OUTLET IMMEDIATELY. I see it’s already “old” considering this supposedly happened days ago. So I will ask, what kind of RACIST mind actually construes this kind of a despicable imaginary quote to hurt people and then try to pretend someone else said it? Answer: the racist at BS news(?)…..

  39. Oh really? Why not learn something from someone who actually has known Trump for decades and is a female Black American CEO.

  40. This is just pure B.S. ugly satire. If we didn’t accept the bad cops’ BBQ picnics, we sure as Hell aren’t going to accept the Grand “Donald” Dragon’s horse cr*p. We haven’t forgotten the picnics white supremacists used to drag us to right after church services, for the town’s families’ amusement .

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